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 From: Truth or Dare, by Starhawk

(Done within a protective Circle)

 You may want to do this laying down, by taping the following story or asking someone to read it or tell it to you. Or you may find that you experience more intensely when you are standing up, moving around, drumming, shaking a rattle, dancing to music you like. Experiment - find what works for you.

 Remember a time when you felt empowered. Breathe deeply. Remember how you felt. How did you move? How did you breathe? Where do you carry that feeling in your body? Breathe into that place, let your breath carry you down like waves, flowing in and out, and let yourself rock on three deep waves, going deeper into yourself.

Feel the flame you guard. Feel the spark at the core. Enter into it. It is like a landscape you can travel in. It is a place of power alive in you.  Breathe here, feel your power. This is your place - make it real. Breathe deep - and turn to the East and notice what you see and hear (Repeat to
South, West, North and Center.)

 In the centre of this place, your place of power is a gift. Feel it, touch it, hold it, and look at it. This is your gift, the gift you bring to the people. Feel how you move with it, dance with it, carry it in your place of power...
Your gift can sustain you. Your gift can heal you. Know how to use it.  Take your time, explore this place, and find what is in it for you. (Allow time without words being spoken)

 When you are ready to leave, return to the centre of your place. Breathe deep - and turn East and say goodbye and thanks. (Repeat to South, West, North, and Center.)

 And say good-bye and thanks to anyone you have met here. Remember your gift and know how you will carry it back with you. And remember what is at the centre of your place so you can find it again just by breathing and remembering.

 Feel your breath now, like waves flowing in and out of that place in your body where you carry power. Feel yourself ride the waves. Say good-bye, and come back on three deep breaths, coming back, bringing back knowledge and memory and gifts, and feel yourself fully present again in this circle, in this room.

Breathe deep, move, stretch, open your eyes, and say your own name out loud.

Sharing with others what we find in our journeys creates strong connections. Take time to talk about your story. Write it down, or draw a picture of it. These stories, like dreams, fade quickly, so record anything you want to be sure to remember.