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Everything you need to know about using plants and herbs for green witchcraft



Infusing your craft with plants and herbs is a powerful way to connect to Mother Earth. This green witchcraft encyclopedia explores the most essential magical plants, offering you a complete resource for safely growing, foraging, harvesting, and using everything from aloe to valerian. Discover greater harmony with nature as you harness the natural energy of plants to create healing and balance in your life.

150 plant profiles — Find detailed entries for the plants and herbs green witches use the most, including photos, explanations of each plant's magical properties, and tips for how to grow them yourself.

Herb magic in action — Experience the power of plant magic with spells and rituals to try, such as banishing negativity with catnip and clover or building a fairy altar with foxglove and thyme.

Embrace your inner witch — Part reference guide and part grimoire, this book of herbs helps you develop your practice by exploring how to set intentions, create a sacred space, and maintain your own garden.

Start your own witch's apothecary and create some everyday magic with this encyclopedia of magical herbs and plants.



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