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Understanding the Autumn Equinox

Mabon, also known as the Autumn Equinox, typically falls around September 23rd. It is a time when day and night stand in perfect balance, with the sun beginning to wane as the days grow shorter. This lesser Wiccan Sabbat is also known by other names such as the Second Harvest Festival, Wine Harvest, Feast of Avalon, and Alban Elfed.


The symbolism of Mabon Sabbat is associated with the themes of balance, reflection, and gratitude. It marks the midpoint of the Fall season, as it honors the balance between light and darkness, day and night, summer and winter. It is a time to reflect on the abundance of nature that has been provided in both practical and spiritual terms. This sabbat is also known for its focus on gratitude and expressing thanks for all that has been received throughout the year, including blessings from Gods or Goddesses. In addition to this, Mabon Sabbat often includes preparations for winter ahead: stocking up pantries with food, harvesting herbs for teas and incense, gathering firewood for warmth etc.

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