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Horned God Ritual


At Yuletide the Wiccan Horned God is the male ruler that is most often honored. Who is this wild God who roams the forests and loves and protects the Goddess and all her children? He is called the God of the Wicca, Cernunnos, Pan, Herne, Dionysus, and by many other names. He is the ancient God of fertility:  the God of the forest, flock, field, and hunt. He is Lord of Life, and He gives life, He is also Lord of Death and Resurrection. He is the hunter and the hunted, the light and the darkness.  

This ritual is best if done outdoors, but if that's not an option, indoors is fine!

Set up your Altar with your ritual blade, a tealight candle in each quarter (north, south, east, and west), two glasses of red wine (one for the Horned God and one for you), bread, fruit, and a bowl of moon or blessed water. You may also add incense, acorns, pinecones, branches, flowers, or anything else that is of the natural world. Place a candle in the center of your Altar to represent the Horned God.

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Yule Notebook


 Yule notebook will be a magickal daily companion whenever you need to capture your thoughts on paper! It can help you with the motivation to cast more spells, write down potions and brews, or list future dreams, meditations, and rituals.




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