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Magick Oils Recipes

 Using the pure essential oils carefully extracted from flowers and herbs can be a powerful method of therapy but it can also be a very effective magical tool. Below is a list of recipes for use in an oil burner, which may be used to create an atmosphere suited to spells, meditations and visualizations or to enchant the home.


Water Bowl Blends

Angel Blend (for peace and tranquillity or to draw spiritual aid) - one part violet, hyacinth or narcissus, one part chamomile or lavender. Add a piece of angelica or lotus root or white rose petals to the water bowl.

 Grounding Blend (when feeling unsettled, depressed or fearful) - one part vetiver, one part oakmoss or pine. Add a pinch of earth or a hematite crystal to the water bowl.

  Love Blend (to draw a lover into one's life or to enhance an existing relationship) -  - one part rose geranium oil, one half part lavender, one part gardenia or ylang-ylang. Add a few rose or geranium petals to the water bowl.

 Luck and Success Blend (during spells or to draw the energies of luck and success) - one quarter part citronella, two parts lemongrass, one half part cinnamon. Add a small cinnamon quill to the water bowl.

 Prosperity Blend (during prosperity spells or to draw wealth to the home) - one part peppermint, one part basil, one half part bergamot. Add five small coins to the water bowl.

 Protection Blend (during protection spells, rituals and when feeling threatened) - one part cedarwood, two parts sandalwood, one half part clove. Add four peppercorns. Optional are a few threads from a spider web which can be added to strengthen the blend.

 Psychic Blend (before and during spiritual and psychic work) - one part frankincense, one part sandalwood. Add a few saffron threads to the water bowl.

 Purifying Blend (during spells or after an unhappy, unpleasant experience in the home. Also excellent for use when moving into a new home) - one part sage, one part rosemary, one half part clove. Add a pinch of salt to the water bowl.

  Romance Blend (perfect for use in the bedroom or during love spells) - one part cinnamon, one quarter part clove, two parts orange, one part patchouli. Add a piece of fresh root ginger to the water bowl.

 Slumber Blend (before sleep and to inspire prophetic dreams) - one part marjoram or oregano, one part lavender. Add a moonstone crystal to the water bowl.

Magick Oil Blends


All magick oil blends should be mixed with 1/8 cup of carrier oil ( unless otherwise stated in the recipe) such as sweet almond, grape seed, jojoba, or pure olive oil.  Never put undiluted essential oils on your skin.

   Affection Oil

3 drops gardenia
1 drop jasmine
1 drop musk

Altar Oil                                    

10 drops rose oil

 10 drops walnut oil

Altar Oil 2

10 drops myrrh

10 drops cedar

Altar Oil 3

5 drops frankincense
5 drops myrrh
1 drop cedar

  Anointing Oil

5 drops myrrh
2 drops cinnamon

 Aquarius Oil

4 drops acacia
2 drops cypress
1 drop lavender   

Aries Oil

4 drops carnation
1 drop cedar
1 drop cinnamon

Attraction Oil

Carrier oil – 1 oz (sweet almond)
Lovage Herb – tsp
Lemon Peel – tsp
Rose Petals -tsp
Lemon Balm -1/2 tsp
Small piece of Lodestone

Athene Oil

 The olive is sacred to Athene, so use pure olive oil as an anointing oil in particular, rub between the palms of your hands and anoint your feet, forehead and lips.

 1 oz (30gm) cedar wood chips
 1/2 oz (15gm) camphor
 7 drops musk oil
 Female sweat (as much as possible)
 6 olives un-stuffed and preferably black

 Blend the first five ingredients well, at the full moon, and add the olives. Put in a jar and leave for one month to mature. Then remove the olives (Which will have imparted their essence to the rest) and throw them away.

 Bast Oil  

ylang ylang


Black Cat Oil                                                        

 Break spells and hexes, protection, and attraction.

 In a small bottle of Sweet Almond Oil add:

 Essential Oil of Clary Sage

Dried Crushed Bay Leaves

Essential Oil of Myrrh

Small Amount of Steel Wool

Small Amount of Iron Filings

A Hair from a Black Cat


 Blessing Oil

 4 drops myrrh

4 drops cedar
1 small piece of amber resin

  Calming Oil

5 drops benzoin
4 drops vanilla
1 drop cinnamon

Cancer Oil

 4 drops gardenia

2 drops lemon                                  
1 drop violet

 Capricorn Oil

 3 drops chamomile

2 drops vanilla
1 drop lemon

 Chakra Oil - Basic

 3 drops lemon

3 drops orange
3 drops lavender
3 drops myrrh
3 drops clove

Chakra - 1st (Root)

3 drops cinnamon
3 drops musk

Chakra - 2nd

3 drops orange
3 drops sandalwood

Chakra - 3rd (Solar Plexus)

3 drops frankincense
3 drops honeysuckle
3 drops lemon                                                     

Chakra - 4th (Heart)

3 drops ylang ylang
3 drops eucalyptus
3 drops violet
3 drops vanilla

Chakra - 5th (Throat)

2 drops cedar
2 drops clove
2 drops rosemary

Chakra - 6th (Third Eye)

4 drops carnation
4 drops rosemary
4 drops lavender

Chakra - 7th (Crown)

1 drop myrrh
1 drop lotus
1 drop frankincense
1 drop camphor
1 drop clove

Citrus Purification Oil

add to cleaning products or mop water in the kitchen  
3 drops orange
2 drops lemongrass
2 drops lemon
1 drop lime


Come to Me Oil                    

3 drops sandalwood
3 drops rose
1 drop cinnamon

Come to Me Oil 2

5 drops carnation
3 drops magnolia

Come See Me Oil

1 drop cinnamon
3 drops rose
6 drops sandalwood

Courage Oil

2 drops ylang ylang
1 drop camphor
1 drop clove

Divination Oil.

Can be added to the bath, used to anoint divination tools, or put on the pulse points to enhance psychic abilities:

1/4 oz. Jojoba Oil
1 drop Lemongrass
3 drops Orange
5 drops Benzoin
7 drops Lavender
9 drops Rose (Rose Geranium or Otto can be substituted)
A pinch of cut Mugwort
A small Amethyst chip

Egyptian Temple Oil

myrrh  (main)
 frankincense (main)
 lotus (main)
 mimosa (minor)
 ambergris (minor)
 This is an exotic blend especially for use as an anointing oil or as an incense for practitioners of the Egyptian magickal arts.

Elemental Air Oil

3 drops lavender
3 drops sage
3 drops bergamot

Elemental Air Oil 2

6 drops lavender                  
4 drops lemongrass
1 drop peppermint

Elemental Earth Oil

9 drops honey
7 drops magnolia
3 drops pine
1 drop patchouli

Elemental Earth Oil 2

3 drops magnolia
3 drops vetivert
1 drop primrose

Elemental Fire Oil

11 drops orange
9 drops nutmeg
3 drops cinnamon
1 drop clove

Elemental Fire Oil 2

3 drops cedar
2 drops rosemary
2 drops orange

Elemental Spirit Oil

7 drops sandalwood
7 drops violet
3 drops crocus
3 drops gardenia

Elemental Water Oil

9 drops sweet pea
7 drops camellia
5 drops jasmine
3 drops lotus

Energy Oil

4 drops orange
4 drops lime
3 drops cardamon

Energy Oil 2

3 drops ginger
2 drops black pepper
1 drop wisteria

Fast Healing Oil

3 drops rosemary
2 drops juniper
1 drop sandalwood

Full Moon Esbat Oil

13 drops of sandalwood essential oil 
9 drops of vanilla essential oil or extract 
3 drops of jasmine essential oil

1 drop of rose essential oil
Mix prior to a full moon. Charge in a clear container or vial in the light of the full moon. Use to anoint candles or yourself for full moon rituals or just when you feel like you need the moon's energy.

Full Moon Oil

 1/2 ounce almond oil

3 drops sandalwood
2 drops lemon
1 drop rose

Gemini Oil

3 drops bergamot
1 drop clover
1 drop lavender
1 drop lilac

 Goddess Oil

 1/2 ounce almond oil

3 drops rose
2 drops tuberose*
(use Jasmine as a substitute if necessary)
1 drop lemon
1 drop palmarosa
1 drop ambergris*
buy synthetic ambergris or use a combination of cypress and patchouli as a substitute

Goddess Oil 2

5 drops rose
1 drop jasmine
1 drop lemon
1 drop ambergris or cypress

Grace Oil

1 drop patchouli
1 drop juniper
1 drop pine
1 drop cedar

Healing Oil

4 drops rosemary
3 drops juniper
2 drops sandalwood

Healing Oil 2

4 drops rosemary  
3 drops lavender
2 drops sandalwood

Healing Oil 3

3 drops chamomile
2 drops camphor
1 drop pine

Health Oil

3 drops eucalyptus
3 drops orange
3 drops lemon

 Horus Oil

 frankincense (main)
 myrrh (main)
 heliotrope (main)
 lotus (minor)
 orange (minor)

Initiation Oil

Frankincense (main)
Myrrh (main)
Sweet Orange (minor)

Initiation Oil 2

3 drops bay
3 drops musk
1 drop myrrh

 Isis Oil #1

 Myrrh (main)
 lemon (main)
 frankincense (minor)
 muguet (minor)
 mimosa( minor)
 lotus (minor)

 Isis Oil #2

 5 drops camphor
 7 drops hyacinth oil
 7 drops rose oil
 9 drops myrrh oil
 1 myrrh nugget

 Isis Oil #3

 1/4 oz. olive oil
 21 drops lotus oil
 14 drops cypress oil
 14 drops frankincense
 21 drops rose geranium oil

 Isis (Rites of) Oil

  7 drops oil of rose
 2 Drops oil of Camphor
 2 drops tincture of myrrh
 3 drops oil of blue hyacinth
 Blend the oils of rose, camphor, and blue hyacinth during the waxing moon.

Bottle and keep till the Moon wanes. Add the Myrrh.

Isis and Osiris Oil

 1 pinch cedar
 1 pinch cinnamon
 1 pinch rosebuds
 4 drops myrrh oil
 4 drops sandalwood oil
 4 drops frankincense oil

Isis Oil #4

 Orange Rind
 colour: blue

Isis Perfume Oil

 Orris oil
 Sweet Flag oil
 colour: purple

Helps increase determination, will power, and the ability to concentrate.

 India Bouquet

 colour: white
 A blend designed to draw the opposite sex.  Creates an atmosphere of attraction, brings harmony to quarrelling couples, ends the problem of marital infidelity.  Used in love rituals to ensure tranquillity.

Ju Ju Oil

  An extremely powerful oil used for protection and to clear unwanted energies.
King Solomon Oil
 Solomons Seal
 colour: Red
 Brings forth wisdom and intuitiveness.   Draws wealth.  

La Flamme Oil
 colour: red
 Carries an enticing odour of enticement and promise. Use with a red figure candle for love and lust or
 anoint seals or talismans to accomplish the desired effect.

 Leo Oil
3 drops cinnamon
2 drops frankincense
1 drop musk


Libra Oil

 4 drops apple

4 drops cat nip
1 drop magnolia
1 drop sweet pea

Love Attraction Oil

4 drops musk   
3 drops cassia
2 drops sandalwood
1 drop myrrh


Love Attraction Oil 2

4 drops rose
4 drops cinnamon
2 drops clove 


Love Attraction Oil 3

9 drops vanilla
1 drop cinnamon
1 drop peppermint

Love Oil

Use only almond oil as a carrier oil

7 drops acacia
6 drops ylang-ylang
3 drops jasmine
1 drop lilac
1 drop lemon

Love Oil 2

7 drops rose
5 drops ylang-ylang
3 drops lavender
1 drop ginger

 Love and Success

White sandalwood
colour: red
Assists in locating happiness in marriage and great success in all things attempted. Use for anointing red and pink candles.

Love Breaker
 Graveyard dirt
Lemon Grass

Love Me Perfume Oil
Khus Khus
colour: red
 Increases sexual magnetism and potency. Use sparingly for it is extremely strong. May be used to anoint candles in love rituals and also makes a fine aromatic bath mixture.

 Love Oil (Rose)

1/4 C olive oil heated 

Rose petals, violets & basil

  Combine and let stand overnight, filter through a muslin cloth and keep tightly corked in an amethyst coloured glass bottle.

  Love Oil

 7 drops Palmarosa
 5 drops Ylang-Ylang
 1 drop Ginger
 2 drops Rosemary
 1 drop Cardamon

Wear to draw love. Or Anoint pink candles & burn while visualizing love coming towards you. - Lady Morgan's Book of Shadows

 Love Oil #2

Coconut or palm oil base
colour: red
Brings luck in all love matters. Makes you more attractive to the opposite sex.

 Love Oil # 3

1 pt. Almond
2 pts. Rose
 2 pts. Lavender
1 pt. Bay
1 pt. Lemon
 colour: red
 A special love oil formula from New Orleans.

  Luv Luv Luv Oil
colour: rose

 Use of this oil makes him notice you.

Luck Around Business

 Pulverized dollar bill
Gold sand
Powdered frankincense
Heliotrope oil
Colour: green
Brings an increase in business. Draws new customers.

Lucky  Oil
colour: green
An aid to gamblers. Rub on hands before throwing dice or dealing cards. Brings financial gain.

Lucky Lodestone Oil

 Lodestone in bottle
colour: red
Excellent all-around oil for developing good fortune and changing bad luck to good.

Mad Oil

 Ammonia crystals
 Coriander Oil
 Pine oil
 colour: red
 Brings luck and success to the user. Clears channels for success.

Mandrake Perfume Oil

Purple musk base

 The ingredients invoke Elemental levels and must be used with extreme caution.

Memory Oil

 colour: yellow

Mimosa Magick Oil

 Acacia Oil
Yellow Rose
colour; Yellow
Anoint yourself before going to sleep. Procures prophetic dreams which are said to come true.  Anoint blue or white candles with the oil, use as  a bath. This formula will only permit good dreams to come true.

Minoan Incense/Oil (Liquid)
10 pts. Cedar oil
10 pts. Dittany of Crete oil
2 pts. frankincense oil
2 pts. benzoin oil
2 pts. cinnamon oil
2 pts. sandalwood oil
2 pts. patchouli or pine oil
2 pts. musk oil
8 pts. ambergris
1 pt. hyacinth or narcissus oil
1 pt. camphor oil
1 pt. myrrh oil
1 pt. rose oil
 2 pts. honey
2 pts. red wine

Mint Bouquet Oil

 colour: green
Removes unwanted energies and is particularly loved by good spirits. Place this oil in a dish as an  offering to the Goddess/God.

Money Oil              

4 pts. Frankincense
1 pt. Heliotrope
1/2 pt. Bay
1 pt. Orange
1/2 pt. Cinnamon or Cassia
2 pts. Sandalwood (optional)
colour: Green
 Used to anoint green candles in any ritual to bring money into the home. This oil is often used as an incense by placing a few drops on charcoal. The oil may be worn or the powder sprinkled in the cash register.


Moon Oil


Moon Priestess Perfume

1 Drop Queen of the Night Oil *
3 drops rose oil
1 drop lemon verbena oil

 Mother Goddess Oil

4 drops myrrh
3 drops cypress
2 drops rose
1 drop ylang-ylang

Nefertiti Oil

 myrrh (main)
 lotus (main)
 gardenia (main)
 lemon (minor)
 muguet (minor)

Pan Oil
 Saturn root
 Color: Green

  Personal Protection Oil 
 rose geranium,
This oil is also used to anoint candles and is added to protective cleansing baths.

Pisces Oil

3 drops basil
3 drops lemon

Protection Oil

1/2 ounce almond oil

4 drops basil
3 drops geranium
2 drops pine
1 drop vetivert

Queen of the Night Perfume Oil
A powerful oil designed to draw others to you. Makes them unable to resist.


Sagittarius Oil

 3 drops borage

4 drops saffron
1 drop sage

 Scorpio Oil

 3 drops basil

2 drops clove
1 drop ylang-ylang

Taurus Oil

3 drops Patchouli

3 drops Vetivert

4 drops Jasmine

 Venus Oil

 4 parts jasmine
1 part rose
 3 parts ylang-ylang

 few drops civet
1 part ambergris
1 part myrtle or 1 part muguet
 colour: pink, red or green
An alluring magnet used to draw love toward you. Makes a person irresistible to the opposite sex.

Venus Oil # 2

color: red or pink


Venus Oil 3

3 drops peppermint
1 drop thyme
1 drop catnip​

 Virgo Oil 1


Virgo Oil 2

7 drops peppermint oil

Sources - Rowan Morgana Book of Shadows

Magical Herbalism by Scott Cunningham
Incense Oils & Brews by Scott Cunningham


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