A lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth slips between the Full Moon and the Sun. The April Lunar eclipse will be the shortest eclipse of the century lasting less than 5 minutes.

The total lunar eclipse will be visible from western North America, eastern Asia, the Pacific, Australia and New Zealand.

Here on Vancouver Island we will see the Eclipse at: 4:58 a.m. PDT

Click here for Eclipse times for everyone else.


During a Lunar Eclipse we experience the energies of the Triple Goddess all in one night.


 The Full Moon Mother begins to wane as the Earth moves between Her and the Sun God until She is transformed into the Dark Moon Crone.

As quickly as She aged from Mother to Crone, the Earth slips by, and the New Moon Maiden appears as a sliver of light signaling a new beginning! Then the Moon waxes back into the Full Moon Mother Goddess.

Thus we have experienced every phase of the Moon from Mother to Crone to Maiden and back to Mother all in one condensed event. This is a perfect opportunity to work a spell that will make use of the decreasing energy and then use the increasing energy.

Rowan Morgana 2015 


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March 4 - Festival of Flowers dedicated to Flora & Hecate

March 17 - St. Patrick's Day

March 18 - Celtic Tree Month of Alder Begins

March 18 - Day of honor for Sheelah-Na-Gig

March 20 - Isis Spring Harvest Festival

 March 19 - 21 Ostara   Sabbat

March 31 - Festival of Luna the Moon Goddess