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SEPTEMBER Calendar of Events

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September 1 - New Moon in Virgo

September 2 - Tree Month of The Vine begins

September 8 - Tibetan Water Festival

September 13 - 14 Honor Nephthys and Spirits of the Dead

September 16 - Full Moon in Pisces/Aries

September 19 - Fasting day to honor Thoth

September 21 Honor the Triple Goddess

September  22 - Mabon Sabbat

September 23 - Festival of Nemesis

September 23 - October 1 - Greek Festival of the Greater Eleusinia

September 27 - Goddess Chang'O Moon Festival

September 27 - Birthday of the Goddess Athena

September 29 - Dark Moon  in Virgo

September 30 - New Moon in Virgo/Libra

September 30 -  Tree Month of Ivy begins


It is nearly Mabon, a time of harvest and thanksgiving. I am blessed with a large garden filled with good things to eat.  The horse-chestnuts and acorns have attracted quite a few squirrels, the acrobats hanging upside down from branches or loping across the lawn with a cheek full of nuts and an impossibly fluffy tail following behind. Earlier in the season the squirrels and I were competing for the hazelnuts and walnuts.....the squirrels won.  I have a very small bag of each put by for winter.

Squirrels are loved by the Fae, keep your eyes open for flashes of light or quick movement in the underbrush, where squirrels hang out - you may catch a glimpse of a Faerie.

Every year I am amazed by the beauty of Autumn!