Sacred Wicca

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To a ceramic or copper cauldron (do not use cast iron as it will darken your brew)


Moon Water
Spring Water  
Rain Water
Rose Water          
Lavender Flowers      
One Sodalite or Lapis Lazuli stone  

Gently warm the brew over a lit light blue candle while visualizing peaceful and serene energy.  Do not allow the brew to boil, simply heat to meld the magickal ingredients with the Transforming Energy of Fire.

Allow your brew to cool, strain, then bottle and label. If your Sodalite or Lapis stone is small enough you may also add it to the bottle.  If not, then you may cleanse it and put it away for future use.  To use your Peace Water you may sprinkle it throughout your home or sacred space or add a small amount to your bath water to calm anger.  You may also put a drop or two in the Ritual Cup or add to a glass of drinking water.

©Rowan Morgana