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Magickal Properties of Metal


Modern metals have undoubtedly been mined without the use of offerings or respectful rituals and prayers, therefore they must be assumed to be impure.  When you first obtain any new metal that you'll be using in magick, it should be cleansed and charged before you use it.  Silver and Iron however are considered incorruptible and even if they are used in Baneful Magick, malevolent vibrations will not cling to them as it will to other metals.



 Brass - Protection, Love

Copper - Love, Healing

Gold - Wealth, Vitality

Lead - Domination, Binding

Silver - Protection, Fertility

Tin - Wealth, Luck, Divination

Iron - Power, Protection, Health, Vitality, Repels Malevolent Spirits,

The most magickal metal is Iron because it is never found in it's pure state except when it falls to Earth as a meteor (meteorite).  It is called the Metal of Heaven and is perceived as a gift from Sacred Powers. Approximately 10% of the earth crust is made up of iron making it one of the most abundant elements. Iron comes from iron ore which is a combination of the element iron and other metals and rock. This ore is then refined to extract the pure iron through the process of smelting.

In ancient times meteors were carved into statues of Deities. The most famous being the representation of the Goddess Cybele believed to be buried under the foundation of St. Peter's Basilica. St. Peter's Basilica was built over Cybele's Roman Temple.

Malevolent Spirits are frightened of Iron, it repels them and chases them away.  

Iron is the metal of truth, in Africa people would swear on iron the way that others swear on the bible.

Iron is linked with menstrual blood which has the reputation of being THE MOST magickal substance.  Menstrual blood and Iron are magickally linked.  While other stones may be called the "Bones of the Earth" Iron is regarded as the Earth's Menstrual Blood.