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I've been wanting to start my Wicca journey, but have been overwhelmed on where to start. Your website is giving a lot of insight on what i need to learn and what i need!

I was looking for details on Mabon ap Mordron and found your site... Loved reading the story of Mabon ....will defiantly be reading more myths.

Blessed Be

Found while googling info on Goddess descent. Good info all around! Thanks!!

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience. I can't tell you how happy I am to have found this website and your books. I definitely plan on reading Modern Wicca and The Solitary Wicca Guide.

Very nice website!

Just doing a beginner research on guidance to magic and accidentally fell on your site. I already feel a fan. To order your book on SOLITARY WICCA GUIDE this week for a start. Thank you.

Very nice site indeed! Love it.

thank you for your work your page have helped shape my path.

Blessed be

I was looking for the meaning of runes and after looking around added this to my bookmarks gonna be referring back to here for any questions or when I need spells. :) Awesome website

Hi, I am researching the Horned God and stumbled upon your website. Very informative site. Blessed Be

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