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 Faerie Glamour Charm 


  • Rosewater in a mister
  • Essential Oil of peppermint
  • A small moonstone
  • A white quartz


Outside at night under a full moon, place the moonstone, along with five drops of peppermint oil, in the rosewater.  Place it on the Earth.  Hold the moonstone in both hands and offer it to the faeries as a gift for them, and then place it next to the mister.  Close your eyes and hold your arms up straight in a "V" position over your head.  visualize a golden white light pouring down from above like a waterfall that completely immerses you, the mister, and the moonstone.  Say:


Faeries, on this full moon night,

Form a circle, do a rite

  Fill this mist with charming light

    So I will be a handsome sight."


Leave the bottle and crystal overnight.  At sunrise, retrieve the bottle but leave the quartz as an offering.  Whenever you'd like to increase your attractiveness and charm, lightly mist your face and hair with the rosewater mixture.

 by Tess Whitehurst