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Faerie Abundance Spell




On a sunny day, when the moon is between new and full, place the pot of basil by your front door (or somewhere else if your front door doesn't get a lot of sun).  Hold the crystal to the sun in your right hand to cleanse and empower it with the light of the sun. Say:


Faeries, I call on you this day,

To send abundant wealth my way.


Silently or out loud, tell them the crystal is a gift for them and place it in the pot of basil.  Hold your hands over the basil and visualize bright green light with gold sparkles flowing out from your palms to completely fill and envelop the plant.  Charge it with the intention to draw wealth into your life, and visualize/feel/imagine faeries surrounding you in a circle and directing this same light inward toward the plant.  Care for your plant lovingly, and put a few leaves of basil in a salad, pasta sauce, or warm bath every now and then to internalize or infuse yourself with the magick. 

 by Tess Whitehurst