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Crystal Balls



Cleansing and Charging your Crystal Ball


Before you use your crystal ball for the first time, you should cleanse it.  Cleansing can be done by holding the crystal under running water and visualizing all baneful energy rinsing down the drain with the water. 

You can also cleanse your Crystal Ball by burying it in earth for a few hours, or sprinkling it with holy water, or passing it through incense smoke.  The key is to visualize negativity being drawn away from your Crystal Ball and dissipating in the smoke or earth or water.

The following is a very effective way to both cleanse and charge your crystal ball and any other tools used for the Craft.

Imagine a ball of white light in your Heart Chakra. Focus for a moment on the idea of cleansing and purification -in this way you charge the light with cleansing power.

Now imagine white light flowing from your Heart Chakra down through your arms. See this light flowing through your hands and into the Crystal Ball. Concentrate on removing all extraneous energies from the Crystal, and visualize the light shooting out of the Crystal  in the form of golden-yellow flame.

As the light flows through the Crystal Ball you could say something like:

I cleanse and purify this Crystal Ball, removing from it any negativity which may lie within!”

Continue to visualize the flame shooting out through the Crystal, until the Crystal “feels” clean.

To bless and consecrate your Crystal Ball again focus upon the ball of white light in your Heart Chakra. Allow the light to flow down through your arms and through your hands, into the crystal. Visualize the energy flowing through the crystal and shooting out in the form of blue-white light. Say something like:

I bless and consecrate this Crystal Ball to my use!”

Continue to focus blue-white energy through the crystal for several moments. When you feel that you have done enough, stop, and put your Crystal Ball away. You have now cleansed and consecrated your Crystal. You may use this same technique whenever you feel that it needs cleaning.

Your Crystal Ball is attuned to the energy of the Moon.  During the 3 nights of the Full Moon many of us place our crystal balls outside in the moonlight for a few hours to recharge and energize them.  Crystal Balls should never be exposed to sunlight once they have been cleansed and consecrated.   


 Crystal Ball Reading 


Successful scrying depends on mood and atmosphere. Above all else, do not force yourself into a reading session when you don't feel like it. The results will be at best useless.


Gazing Technique


Most people find crystal ball gazing is easiest in a quiet, dimly lit room. Many people like to have candles burning. For some the reflections of the flames help to summon images - others find them a distraction. Burning incense is common and some people like to have soothing music playing gently in the background.

The important thing to remember is that you are creating an atmosphere. If someone walked in unexpectedly, they should instantly be aware that something significant is taking place.


A Short Tutorial


Place the Crystal on a table in front of you. Many Crystal Balls you can buy come with their own stand. If you don't have a stand you might like to use a small cushion or a silk handkerchief purchased and reserved specially for this purpose.

Sit down and relax. Lay your hands gently on the ball for a minute or two in order to energize it and strengthen your psychic rapport. Whilst holding the Crystal Ball, think about the purpose of this scrying session. If appropriate try to visualize the subject of your question. Some people like to ask the question out loud, others prefer to internalize it.

Now, remove your hands from the Crystal. Look into the Crystal, stare deeply. Allow your eyes to relax and become slightly unfocused. After a little while, you should see a mist or smoke forming in the Crystal. Let this mist grow and fill the ball, then visualize it gradually clearing to reveal images within the Crystal.

Note:  Not everyone sees a mist appears in their Crystal; in fact, many people receive messages from their Crystal Balls directly rather than by seeing images in the ball.  The main thing is to allow your mind to freely wander while doing any form of divination, the images that come to you are the images you are meant to receive.

When you are finished, thank your Crystal and put it away carefully.  You could wrap it up in a silk cloth reserved especially for the Crystal, or place it in its box or if you keep it on your altar, cover it with a cloth.

Most people never allow others to use their Crystal Ball because it is believed that another's energy will interfere with the connection between you and your Crystal Ball.